After outgrowing our lovely three bedroomed semi about four years ago, it took us another two years to lick it into shape so we could put it on the market. And then, it took another eighteen months before we actually sold it. Well actually we sold it twice before that, once for just 24hours before the buyer pulled out, and the second time to a buyer who we waited for for three months before we realised he was probably never going to sell his over-priced two bed flat.  But now FINALLY we have not only sold our house to a first time buyer who REALLY wants it, but we’ve also found a house we want to buy. With our offer accepted, now the only thing to do is pay up and move in. Or is it?  The thing is although the new house is definitely bigger than our old house, so giving us the extra living and storage space we need and crave, its also in quite a state. While its got an extra bedroom, two extra bathrooms and more floor space than we ever imagined we could afford,  it was last done up (very beautifully at the time) in the 1970s and hasn’t been touched since! So its got lots of quirky features, like a sunken avocado bath, psychedelic pink and orange paisley wallpaper in the ensuite and mirrored windows in the living room complete with pink velvet curtains and pelmet.  The only reason we could afford to buy this house is because it needs so much doing to it and that was reflected in the price.  But with two young kids, a  husband with a high pressured job, a fledging consulting business and a freshly written first novel that I’m trying to get published, I’m a bit nervous that taking on this house might be a step too far! Anyway, determined not to be beaten at the starting line, I thought blogging my way through the next twelve months of DIYing and decorating might relieve some of the pressure and be a fun way to chart this house’s journey into the 21st century! So please join me and any comments, feedback or suggestions you have along the way will be most welcome!


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