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Oh these four walls………..

10 Jun

You know that feeling that you get when you return home after a holiday? It’s a mix of sadness that your holiday is over tinged with a little bit of joy at being back in your own house, with your own space and your own things. I have a ritual when I arrive home after a holiday. Before I can even contemplate unpacking, I have to do a tour of all the rooms in the house, checking as I go, on how much chaos we left behind on the day we went to the airport. Then room by room, I tidy and clean. Even if we arrive home at mid-night, I always end up at the very least cleaning bathrooms and wiping down kitchen surfaces. I guess it’s my way of reclaiming my territory. If I were a dog, maybe I’d go round sniffing everything and then peeing on it!

Anyway my point is, that this time round, as I was undertaking my cleaning duties (and yes I know IB was here all week, and yes he did tidy up before we arrived home, but what can I say, except something sexist – sorry boys – which is his male outlook on cleaning prohibits him from doing as thorough a job as I would ), it occurred to me, that this house finally feels like my home! The day we moved in, I cleaned and scrubbed it, to vanquish the presence of the previous owners, but this time, I was cleaning it to reassert and reaffirm our ownership. I wouldn’t mention it except for the fact this is a really big deal for me.  During the last two years we spent in our old house, we no longer liked it. There wasn’t enough space, the garden was too small, the road outside was too busy…… the list of faults we found with it was endless.  The house was nothing more than a possession that we were trying to sell. So hurrah for having a home again!

Now, as I mentioned in my last blog, IB was really busy moving various DIY projects forward in my absence. Including putting up the curtains in the spare room which I bought just before I left for Dublin (ssshhh, don’t tell my friend H., she still thinks I’m going to make them all under her tutelage and I really should, but I’m struggling to find the time and therefore the motivatioin).


So, just that light fitting to take care of now………………..


Oh and in terms of the dining room/my office, now that IB has stripped the walls, the view is even more hideous than I thought it would be:




Just look at that crack, isn’t it a beauty? We’re not going to be able to fix that one with Polyfill! Given how much time I spend working in here, I’m thinking I need to print off some photos of my dream dining room and pin them up on the walls, just to help my sanity for the next few months while we’re ‘in transition’ as IB calls it!