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To infinity and beyond……….

30 Mar

Well it had to happen! I’m in trouble with my DIY dad for neglecting my paint brushes. Apparently I don’t wash the paint out of them properly and that’s why several of them have gone hard and are unusable. It’s all true I’m afraid, I’m guilty as charged. My only defence is that by the time I’ve finished painting everyday I’m usually in a rush to get tidied up and back on the road in time for the school run. So often all my paint brushes get is a two minute rinse under the taps and then they are abandoned on the landing where we’ve taken to housing all our painting paraphernalia.

Anyway, in the interest of being able to hold my DIY head up high, and to save us a small fortune in replacement paint brushes, I have vowed to change my ways! And to that effect, here is a top DIY tip – after you rinse off your brushes, put them in a ziplock food bag and apparently they stay bendy and pliable and don’t dry out into rock hard lumps that are only fit for cracking walnut shells!

My second top painting tip today was given to me by C. the painter last night when he popped in with his buddy S. to see if  S. could do a bit of last minute plastering in the bathroom for us in the area where the bath is going to be fitted on Saturday (I am SO excited!). His advice was when painting bathrooms always use eggshell or soft sheen paint, apparently it doesn’t absorb as much moisture as matt paint, so it’s more hardwearing and long-lasting. It’s not such an issue in other rooms as they don’t obviously have the same moisture challenges as bathrooms.  Unfortunately this tip came too late for IB and me as our bathroom is now coated with 100% matt again. It’s kind of ironic though that we should get the advice exactly a week after we ‘accidentally’ gave the walls a second coat of brilliant white in soft sheen rather than matt.

In terms of progress on the living room since earlier in the week, the coving is now finished! And we have cornerpieces! Yes my friends, we decided that the corners were missing a little something, so after an hour on the internet, we found these:



And actually they do make the corners look a little more complete!Although I’m not sure you can tell in this picture as everything is currently coated in a layer of primer.

do it yourself blog

Look closely!


do it yourself blog cornices

Living room primed and corniced!


My DIY Dad (who is just visible in the corner of this shot) is keen that we go the whole hog and put up a rosebowl centrepiece, but I’m not so sure, nor is IB. Also, given we haven’t yet chosen the light fitting for the living room yet,  and we could end up with something that sits close to the ceiling, we’ve opted to hold fire for now. In terms of lighting, I’ve done a little bit of scouting around but I’m tempted to wait till the painting is finished and get a feel for the room before we make a final choice. Although in keeping with my nostalgia for afternoon tea with china teacups and cake stands, I’m quite drawn to antique chandeliers at the moment, which are quite pricey but there are some less expensive replicas on the high street. Interestingly when I was looking at one online earlier, Invisible Hand kicked in (does everyone know about this? Its genius, you load it on to your computer and when you find a possible online purchase, it will pop up and show you other sites that are selling a similar item and how much for. It’s aim is to find you the same item for less) and rather bizarrely as well as providing a link to several other sites selling chandeliers, it gave me a link to a Buzz Lightyear Adult fancy dress costume on Amazon! This has nothing whatsoever to do with chandeliers (unless I’m not being very clever), however, it kept me and IB amused for at least five minutes! What do you think – should we forgo the chandelier and just order a couple of Buzz Lightyear costumes instead? They could be our painting outfits! To infinity and beyond…………..


How would IB look in this I wonder!


Project plan – what project plan?!

28 Mar

Beware the Dame is in pain – again! This time it’s a paint brush injury. The skin on my index finger has rubbed right off leaving raw red flesh on display! Very attractive! On the plus side, it is proof for IB of how hard I’ve been working while he’s been away on his business trip!! On the down side though, it does make painting harder which  is why I’ve started to wear a thick industrial style rubber glove on my right hand when I’m painting – very Michael Jacksonesque!

The thing that occurred to me this week as I laboured away slapping primer on the guest bedroom walls while my dad worked downstairs putting the  coving up in the living room, was how much longer everything is taking than I thought it would. I thought once we’d got the walls of both the rooms plastered then everything would pick up pace and within a couple of weeks they would be painted and ready to go. But now I realise that I was a little naive and overly optimistic and Sarah Beeny would probably say I told you so!

For example in the living room the coving has taken the best part of three days to put up, rather than the one day we allowed in the project plan (by which I mean the unofficial timeline we’re working to in my head where the room is ready in time for Easter weekend). Putting up coving is not as easy or quick a job as it might look and my DIY dad is a perfectionist so extra time has to be allowed for that. On the plus side it means he is doing a really professional job. He’s even filled in all the tiny gaps between the coving and the walls (of which there are many, a by-product of the walls being so uneven), whereas  I might have been tempted to  start slapping the paint on and hope for the best!  But not my DIY dad. He has painstakingly filled all the gaps in, even the tiniest of them. He then spent yesterday afternoon sanding the whole lot down, paying particular attention to the joins in the coving, sanding and rubbing for hours until the filler /coving cement was smooth and shiny.

do it yourself blog Coving


do it yourself blog


The whole process puts me in mind of icing a cake and the painstaking effort of making sure you roll the icing out thinly enough to cover the whole cake. Then you have the challenge of getting  it flush against the cake, with no lumps or bumps before you get the icing plane out and rub and rub until you have a really smooth almost satin finish all over giving you the perfect surface to ice on! Shouldn’t have written about cakes, now I fancy some, but only if its chocolate cake………I’m resisting posting a picture of chocolate cake because I know that just means I’ll have to stop writing and go and make some!

Upstairs in the guest bedroom, things are not progressing any faster. Priming the walls and the ceiling took a day (my  DIY day lasts from 9am-3pm which is when the kids are in school!). Then I’ve had to sand down the skirting boards, architrave and that funny little bit of wood that’s embedded in the ceiling which I actually think is quite cute and is a nice feature of the room, or it will be when it receives some TLC. I think this room in particular has the potential to be a nice little oasis in the house. Its got a real country cottage feel, not only because of the curve in the ceilings, but also given its tucked away in the corner of the house, overlooking the garden. Actually speaking of the garden, I must take some pictures later in the week, its bursting into life at the moment and is the nicest place to escape to on my painting breaks.


do it yourself blot

Guest room 'feature'


Post primer painting will start in earnest in the guest room tomorrow, although even that’s not a simple job. Because we can’t put coving up in this room (due to the sloping ceilings I just mentioned, which you can see more clearly in the pre-plastering picture below) I have to make sure that the paint goes on in a nice straight line at the point where the wall and the ceiling meet.

do it yourself blog

See the slope?


That’s where this little beauty comes in:



do it yourself blog

My new toy


It’s a ‘precision edging pad’, recommended by a friend. It’s meant to make painting edges of any sort, along ceilings, skirting boards, sides of doors, wherever, so much easier. It promises no drips and no mess! I’ve yet to try it but I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anyway, in summary, this week, I’m a bit worried that we’re falling behind and that the living room and the guest bedroom won’t be completed in time for Easter. But you know what my wise DIY Dad said yesterday? ‘If they’re not, they’re not’ and you know what, I’ve decided he’s right. If I stress about getting everything finished by a certain date, then it takes away the pleasure of progress! And that would be a shame given I am STILL loving doing the renovations, in spite of angsting over my project plan timeline! In particular I can’t wait to see what the colours we’ve chosen for the guest room and the living room  look like once we’ve painted the walls. And of course once the paint is on, then the fun bit comes, i.e. shopping for cushions, bedspreads, carpets, lamps………………. (notice how I didn’t mention curtains?!)

DIY Dads

25 Mar

So what does every DIY Dame need when faced with a massive house renovation project (apart from a lottery win)? Answer a DIY Dad, who after a couple of years spent in retirement has now finished all the little jobs that he needed to do in his own house and so is happy to come and help a daughter in DIY distress. My DIY dad landed in at 2pm and already he and IB have started to work on putting up the coving in living room. So we’ve gone from this:


do it yourself blog No Coving

No Coving!


To this:

do it yourself blog Coving

First piece of coving in place!


My dad’s going to prime the walls next week and then paint them, then sand and paint the skirting boards and the doors, then there’s the curtain poles to put up……………… I’m not sure if he realises how long a list we’ve got for him, but he is stopping for about three weeks and as long as we feed him lots of nice food and more importantly puddings (his is a lover of apple pie and treacle sponge) I know he’ll happily work his way through it.

So, what else has been happening over the weekend? Well in terms of correcting last week’s painting disaster in the bathroom, IB has now sanded down the walls so they are all ready for me to repaint tomorrow (hunky plumber man is not due round for ANY reason, so I think I’m good to go). I would have repainted them over the weekend but I’m happy to report that I couldn’t get into the bathroom over the weekend as our builder K. and plumber K. were busy working in there. All the new plumbing and pipework  is now securely in place, the awful chunky pink water-pipe has been boxed in and best news of all……………………. the floor tiles are down! As I type the grouting is drying which is just as well as it’s quite a dark brown, pretty much the same colour as the tiles. When IB called me into the bathroom earlier to show me, the first thing I said was that the floor looked like a giant bar of Dairy Milk – well what would you say when confronted with this………………..


do it yourself blog My giant bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk

My giant bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk!


do it yourself blog Floor Tiiles


IB rolled his eyes and told me I’m obsessed. He does have a point I suppose, I do talk about chocolate A LOT and think about {eating} it even more and having a bathroom floor that looks like a chocolate bar is not going to help my addiction!  Even just writing these words is reminding me of the bar of dark chocolate and raspberries (from Divine) that my friend who came to tea last week brought for me. Actually I think there might be a few squares left……………………………. Anyway as long as the grout does dry a few shades lighter than the tiles, the chocolate effect should pass and my addiction will be contained!

The other thing I wanted to mention, only because anyone following my blog will know what a big deal this is for me, as of Friday afternoon, I am the proud and content owner of living room CURTAINS!!! Hurrah! I found them last week  but before I bought them I wanted to make sure they would work in the living room, but the shop didn’t have any swatches/samples for me to borrow so I had to buy the matching cushion cover. When I took it to the til to pay, I had a bit of a shock. The cushion cover (JUST the cushion cover, there was no cushion inside!) was twenty-three pounds! Twenty three pounds for ONE cushion cover, and it wasn’t even a top of the range cushion cover or a designer one. Now I’ve checked with a few friends and I am definitely not the only one who is shocked by this. Twenty three pounds for two squares of material sewn together with a zip down one side seems a little over the top to me, especially when you typically need four to six of them for a sofa. I wish somebody had told me  when I was a little girl how lucrative the cushion cover industry is! Anyway if I manage to nail the curtain making thing (which I’m planning to try for the guest bedroom), then I’m sure I can crack cushion covers. We’ll make a saving and I might just have a new career in the pipeline!

In search of the DIY gods!

23 Mar

So the DIY gods have definitely NOT been smiling down on me this week. First of all, who knew that you have to water down primer by 30-50%? NOT ME. Or IB for that matter. Or even the manufacturers it seems as there is nothing written on the side of the tin of primer to that effect. Putting primer on the bathroom wall was a real pain it  was so thick and gloopy and came out in streaks, turning the lovely smooth freshly plastered walls into a bumpy, cratered mess.  I thought it was because we had used an own-brand primer rather than one from Dulux or Crown. We actually only found out about the importance of adding water to primer because I told IB when I finished coating the bathroom, that there was no way I was using the same primer again. Now the problem with this of course, was that we had bought a huge tin of the stuff, big enough to do the bathroom, guest room and the living room. Horrified that I might be suggesting we chuck two-thirds of a can of primer away (and forgive me, I’m not usually so wasteful, but I figured it was better to waste a little bit of money than a lot of my time!) he called a painter-decorator friend of his for advice. C., one of the smiliest men I have ever met who wears proper white painters dungarees (which mysteriously are always super white and devoid of any tell-tale paint stains not like my painting clothes!) told IB that primer should definitely be watered down by up to fifty percent. So should you ever find yourself in the position of having to prime plaster, take note, it’s SO much easier a job if you heed this advice. Apparently the idea is that the primer seals the plaster and gets absorbed straight into the wall as you paint it on (which it does really quickly so be careful, you have only seconds to correct any mistakes!) .


If you look very closely, you'll see the streaks and blobs from non-watered down primer

doityourselfblog How primer should look

How primer should look when applied

Anyway, the second disaster was also in the bathroom. Having declared in my last blog that I had finished  painting this room, I decided that very day that it needed another coat of paint. But unfortunately half way through putting it on, I ran out of paint. So, I texted IB and asked him to pick up some on his way  home. I was very specific with my instructions, Brilliant White Emulsion by Crown please. IB duly returned home with a large tin of Brilliant White by Wicks. I was a bit wary of finishing the room off with a different brand of paint. But it was late and the store had closed and IB assured me that Brilliant White is Brilliant White, so on I went and finished painting at about 10 o’clock on Wednesday night. IB and I even had a celebrity glass of wine when I was done. We were basking in a glow of satisfaction as we held up a (soon to be laid) floor tile against the white walls and declared that Brilliant White was indeed the right choice for the walls. It was only as I was brushing my teeth later on that I heard IB call my name in that special tone your partner reserves to let you know that something is wrong. What had happened? Well it turns out half the bathroom is now painted in Brilliant White MATT emulsion from Crown and the other half in Soft Sheen  from Wicks and YES, you can tell the difference. So guess what we’re doing this weekend? Sanding it all down and starting again…………………………….

Oh and the week didn’t really get any better after that. Remember how I declared on Tuesday that I would  not be doing any painting on Friday as hunky plumber man (who I’ve decided looks a bit like a rugged Ryan Gosling) was coming round and I wanted to ensure this time that he didn’t have to witness me wrestling with the roller or worse!  Well guess who came by a day early to fit the shower pump? And guess who’s husband didn’t pick up the  text that notified us of this early arrival?  And guess who had just tried to apply the watered down primer to the guest bedroom wall with a roller – which I can now say with some confidence is not a good idea, always use a brush  – splattering her face and hair quite liberally in the process? When the doorbell rang I must admit I did peep out an upstairs window to see if I could get away with not opening it, but when I saw hunky plumber man’s van I knew I had no choice. So once again I had to watch him walk up our stairs, head bent, a big grin on his face! It’s such a good job I’m not single and trying to impress him!!!

In the absence of a picture of hunky plumber, thought I would include this one of Mr. Gosling – can’t think why!

To end on a positive note though (as if this photo wasn’t enough!), this week I christened the cake stand, with a delicious Mary Berry coffee and walnut cake – a recipe I adore because you just throw everything in a bowl and mix it all together, yet it always tastes like you made so much effort. Maybe I should paint less and bake more……………..

doityourselfblog Coffee and Walnut Cake

Tah Dah!

doityourselfblog cake-stand

And this time with the dome on!

Vintage Fayre………

20 Mar

Hurrah, I’ve finally finished painting the bathroom walls!!! Although sadly there is still no other progress on the bathroom renovations to report, other than hunky plumber man has now submitted his quote for installing the new pump for the shower. He’s coming back on Friday to do the installation and for those of you who remember what happened last time he was here, suffice to say, I will not be doing ANY painting on Friday.

So last  weekend, with the bathroom painting out of the way, I had a choice, I could either start putting primer on the guest bedroom walls or I could take advantage of the free listings weekend on ebay and try to get rid of some of the ‘vintage’ light fittings that we took down shortly after we moved in here. Things like…………………..



Exhibit A


And this…………………….

doityourselfblog Fan Light

Exhibit B


And this beauty!!!!


doityourselfblog Wall Light

Exhibit C - the old reading light from above the guest bed



What made me smile about the listing process was that I described all of these lights as ‘vintage’ as if that somehow makes them more desirable and even more interesting than plain old ‘second-hand’ lights. I’m guessing that If I’d had to sell them ten years ago before ‘vintage’ became so popular and powerful a sales term, I would have listed them as second-hand because that’s exactly what they are.  As I clicked on the button to upload my listings, I wondered how it has come about that now when something is described as ‘second-hand’ it kind of sounds like something unwanted and neglected, whereas if its described as ‘vintage’ then it sounds like you’re getting a piece of history…… Anyway, lets hope someone wants a piece of this house’s lighting history!

I also spent some time at the weekend browsing a fantastic website called era of style, which specialises in selling antique  furniture. They have the coolest desk on there with a proper leather worn top like you see in the banks of old western movies. IB loved the desk, although I told him if we get the desk then we’d have to get the big old-fashioned ‘vintage’ leather swivel chair to match! At this point he made me close down the web site and hand over the laptop! I’m desperate to take a road trip down to see the actual shop, not least because they have café  but not just any old café  its described on their website as a ‘vintage’ tea lounge (now see what I mean, substitute the word second-hand for ‘vintage’ and it doesn’t work does it?). There’s a photo of it on the website and it looks like something from a 1940s movie, it’s  got an old-fashioned wooden counter, with proper glass cake stands and because it’s located in the Bexhill way , it’s even got some battered old leather chairs which look like they came out of old steam trains. I love it and can’t wait to go and have tea and cake.

Actually at the moment I’m got a thing about afternoon tea and cake (well I’ve always had a thing about cake, particularly chocolate cake!). Last week I went to Homesense which is the discount home furnishings shop owned by TK Max. I was on the hunt again for some you – know-whats for the living room windows, but ended up buying an old-fashioned glass cake stand instead.


do it yourself blog Cake Stand

Glass 'Non-vintage' Cake Stand

It’s not vintage, more a 21st century take on the concept but I love it. Last year, I bought a proper old-fashioned china tiered cake stand and now I’ve got my eye on a proper china tea-service.  This is comical for two reasons, firstly I have spent years hating both crystal AND china and secondly, I don’t even drink tea! But I do love to bake and I love the idea of having family and friends round for afternoon tea and being able to present my homemade scones, sponge cakes and sandwiches on proper old-fashioned cake stands and pouring the tea into flowery china cups. Of course I’m jumping the gun again, because the kitchen and diner are currently in no fit state to entertain. Still there’s nothing wrong with browsing eBay for some ‘vintage’ china tea-cups, is there???

By the way,  for anyone who is still following my curtain saga (stop reading if like me you’ve had enough of the whole thing!), I did go to the discount fabric shop as recommended by my sister-in-law. But I went on Saturday and so ended up having to take my six-year-old son with me……………. not such a smart move. I had to cut my visit short because after a half hour he got bored and wanted to go home or to the playground or just to anywhere that didn’t involve acres of coloured fabric! Unfortunately, I broke one of the golden rules of motherhood and forgot to put any ‘incentives’ in my bag for him to stay (by which I mean jelly sweets, pomme bear crisps or white milk chocolate buttons!).  Anyway, I’m leaving IB in charge of the boys this weekend while I go back! Wish me luck!

The importance of contingency funds and other worldly DIY advice!

16 Mar

So, if you read this blog on Monday, you’ll now be expecting to see pictures of our new bathroom tiles in place. Well the disappointing news is that the tiling is on hold (well actually everything has come grinding to a halt!) because the plumbing for the new filler tap is still proving a challenge. Although, the beehive hole is gone and the pipework is now boxed in……………………..

doityourselfblog Where the beehive once was

Hive out, bricks in

doityourselfblog No more pipes!

Where have all the pink pipes gone?

But basically the hot water is still dribbling rather than gushing out of the filler tap  (and shower) and nothing can move forward till its fixed. IB has now resorted to contacting hunky plumber man for his advice and he has suggested that if we fit a ring system and pump for each bathroom then that should overcome the problem. Apparently the new filler tap is currently plumbed into the main water system rather than the hot water tank and so the water pressure isn’t as strong as it should be.  We could fit one pump and that would solve the problem but it would also mean that when both showers/baths are in use, then only one person would get good water pressure, so each bathroom ideally needs its own pump……. Still following? Good. Because the upshot of all this of course is that we are now faced with an unplanned for expense, so we’re likely to go over budget on our first room! Now I have heard the advice on a zillion TV programmes about the importance of a contingency fund but I was always slightly suspicious of the whole idea. I figured if you project plan carefully you will know in advance what tools/materials/expert labour you will need for renovating any room and can budget accordingly. I’ve even been arrogant enough to think that we won’t spend our contingency fund because our planning has been so careful and thorough, luckily I hadn’t got as far as planning what we might do with any unspent money (well except for a tiny bit of day dreaming about a holiday somewhere hot and sunny to celebrate the house being finished).

Anyway I’m now starting to panic that the bathroom won’t be ready for Easter which is a bit of a downer as my parents are coming to stay for a week. With no shower and only one (sunken) bath it’s going to make the mornings fun, NOT! I think a bath rota pinned to the fridge might be a necessary step! The other thing is with Easter so close I better get cracking on the guest bedroom next week which is still in its raw post plastered state! That’s another mood board that needs to get underway this weekend! Maybe I can distract my parents from our lack of shower facilities with a really nice bedroom to sleep in! But before I can start on the guest room, I MUST finish painting the bathroom today otherwise I’m going to fall behind schedule. Speaking of which, IB bought me the most fantastic gift last weekend, not diamonds, not shoes, not even chocolate, but this baby………………………..

doityourselfblog New Roller

My new DIY toy!

It’s an extension arm for my roller and OMG I’m in love! Maybe it’s a consequence of living my life so far below the clouds at a weeny 5 foot 2, inches which means that ANYTHING -not just high heels – that helps me to reach places that other grown-ups can is always going to bring me joy. Seriously though, putting the primer on the ceiling with just the roller and a step ladder was ok but having the extension arm meant I put the first coat of paint on with NO need for the ladder and I did it in half the time. I’m actually looking forward to painting today because I get to take the extension arm out again……I wonder if they come in other colours……………………….

By the way the curtain saga lingers on, only there is now finally light at the end of the tunnel/window, thanks to my sister-in-law, who having read my blog earlier this week emailed me to share the curtain solution she’d recently stumbled on (thanks in turn to her sister-in-law). Apparently, and forgive me if you already know this, but tucked away in various corners of the retail world, are discount fabric shops, where you an source curtain material and even in some cases get your curtains made up to your specifications. And they are not as I assumed filled with discounted fabrics of the kind no one except those rare creatures with a fondness for 1970s poly-cotton and acrylic would appreciate. They also carry scrummy ‘posh’ fabrics (as my sis-in-law calls them) and they are significantly cheaper than usual retail prices. She snagged herself some material that is currently featured on the front page of Country Living mag (Trailing Oak leaf by Voyager)   which normally retails at £37.50 per m, but she got it for only £21 per metre! So guess where I’m off to this weekend? Hopefully I’ll have good curtain news for you next week!

Weekend woes

12 Mar

OK so the good news is that we have FINALLY chosen new bathroom tiles.  IB brought home three samples yesterday and I must say it was hard to choose between the three of them as they all could have worked with the wall tiles. However, in the end, once we put them next to the oak dresser we bought for the sink, there was one definite winner which I will be able to show you photos of in situ I hope by the end of Thursday evening. Essentially, they’re a medium brown with a faint metallic sheen (hence they come from the Metallik range at Topps Tiles) and they contrast really well with both the wall tiles and the oak bathroom cabinet we bought recently on ebay.  Actually I have to admit that I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to oak furniture. I’ve always loved wood. When we first got married pine was very much in fashion and we filled our little flat with it. We had pine book cases, a pine bedstead, a pine wardrobe, a pine bread bin…… you name it. The only survivors from that era (we have been married nearly 13 years) is the bedstead and one wardrobe but they’re both on their last legs, although they’ll have to do for a while longer. We’re only buying essential new furniture at the moment. In part because we need to see how our budget survives the bathroom and kitchen renovations and in part because we’ve agreed that we shouldn’t rush into buying stuff for a room until we’re actually working on it. Although if we do happen to spot an absolute bargain…………..

I know I’ve said it before but the curtains are still defeating me. Although now we’ve decided to go for roman blinds in the boy’s room, where we are currently using brown paper on the windows as a temporary measure – the boys have taken to doodling on it from time to time! I’ve just sent off for six colour samples from the 247 curtains website.  They should be here tomorrow so fingers crossed, one of them will inspire us. The trouble is with that room we are doing things the wrong way around, so out of necessity we’re having to choose new blinds even though we haven’t starting renovating the room yet! In the meantime I’ve also chickened out of making the curtains for the living room (remember how my friend H. offered to teach me?) largely because every visitor we ever have will see those curtains and I really don’t think my sewing is up to such scrutiny (to give you some insight, when my eldest son started school I sewed name badges on all his clothes, but they all fell off after the first wash!  On Friday I went to town to try and buy some living room curtains but after two hours I got curtain fatigue and ended up coming home (but not before I’d popped into a discount day in one of the department stores and unintentionally bought a cute blue cardigan – why are clothes so much easier to buy than curtains?!?).

But back to the bathroom because even though we’re over our tiles crisis, there’s another one looming. Things had been progressing nicely at the weekend. On Saturday our two smiley bathroom fitters put our funky new shower fitting in and attached the circular shower rail to the ceiling. Even without the bath in place we could see that things were coming together nicely.

doityourselfblog New shower fittings

New shower and shower rail

Yesterday though the fitters hit a snag. They put the lovely new shiny free standing taps in position only to find that the water pressure for the hot tap was way too low and there seemed to be no obvious cause. At worst this means the taps just won’t work with our plumbing system and at best that there is some simple but not obvious fix that will make them work. Anyway IB is on the case. He’s been online and made some phone calls including one to the tap manufacturer so fingers crossed by the next time I write, all will be well in tapworld!

doityourselfblog New Bath Taps

The offending tap!