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My not so guilty pleasure………….

17 Feb

Maire Claire, Instyle and Red – these are my usual monthly magazine addictions. On the 5th or 6th of each month, I head to my local newsagent to pick up my supplies. But not this month, OH NO! This month I’ve been perusing the DIY and decorating mags and OMG who knew how many there are to choose from. I stood in WHSmiths for nearly an hour this afternoon, scanning my options – Elle Décor, Homes and Gardens, Country Living, Ideal Home …………………….. I didn’t know where to start, I wanted them all but given the average price is £3.50 and my magazine budget was £10 (and yes I did go a little over budget in the end!) I had to choose carefully! The problem was each one had something in it that was relevant for me, like an article on how to choose the best oven, ten things you should look for in a new kitchen, and twenty stylish updates for under a £1,000! Just like my favourite fashion magazines which tap into an area of ‘weakness’ in my life and make me think they’re going to solve my problems, whether it be my working wardrobe, my battle to find the best fitting jeans or the perfect black trousers, each decorating magazine I picked up seemed to offer an insight into some DIY/decorating crisis that I am having or might have over the next twelve months!

When IB told me this morning that our budget wouldn’t stretch to me having my fix of fashion mags this month AND a bundle of DIY mags, I felt totally cheated and even rummaged around in all my handbags to see if I could cobble together enough loose change to cover this week’s Grazia (two pounds of money that had been earned pre-budget and big house surely didn’t count!). You see magazines are my drug of choice, they are for me a stimulant and a relaxant, a total indulgent escape from reality. I can be having a really crap day but put me in a corner with the latest edition of one of my favourite glossies and after twenty minutes of flicking through photos of the latest trends in jeans/shirts/shoes etc., I’ll be a little calmer and maybe even a little excited at the possibilities on offer for my next shopping trip. Little did I know that decorating magazines would give me all this and more. The same buzz, the same excitement (the pages smell just as good too!). But even better reading them is both a pleasure AND a constructive use of time because I’m learning stuff that we can put to use in our new house.

For example, we’re just about to do up the first bathroom. We wanted to make it all about the bath (a free standing thermafoam number from the bathstore) but IB’s brother and his wife (fellow doer-uppers) thought we were missing a trick not to put in a shower unit. While we could see their point, unfortunately the bathroom’s not that big and putting in a shower unit would make it a little cramped. The solution came to me when I was flicking through Living etc, a circular shower ring rail that would live above the bath.  I had never heard of such a thing but apparently they do exist and it’s the perfect solution for our compact bathroom!!! I’ll post a photo when it’s up and you can decide for yourself!