The rise of the sunken bath!

20 Aug

Well it’s finally gone. Not just the sunken bath but ALL evidence that it ever existed has been completely and utterly obliterated by hunky plumber man. Walking into the ensuite now instead of a gaping hole with spectular views into the garage below, we’re greeted by a flat solid floor that’s primed and ready for Mr Tiler who arrives on Monday (not last Monday as previously reported, I got a bit carried away in my excitement!). So here we are, one sunkenless bath bathroom floor !




IB has spent the weekend ‘tanking’ the ensuite – i.e. making it waterproof so that it can stand up to its new role as a wet room. This involved pasting a special waterproof gloop onto the walls and floors and glueing a waterproof ‘bandage’ into the corners of the shower area. I was so proud of myself on Friday evening when hunky plumber man called me up to the ensuite to explain what needed to be done over the weekend in order to ensure the room was ready for the tiler’s arrival. I concentrated very hard, asked lots of relevant questions and by the end of the conversation was fully briefed on the art of tanking. Of course my enthusiasm stopped short of actually wanting to the job myself!


Tanked up and ready to tile………..

Over the weekend, (as I supported IB through the tanking process) I started wondering if there are still people out there embracing the sunken bath. It occurred to me that while our avocado sunken bath was for us a 1970’s relic too far, there may be more appealing modern day alternatives.  A quick mooch around the internet shows this to be the case, although  none of them will tempt me back. I for one am much happier in the knowledge that I am no longer effectively having a bath in the garage ceiling!




From impactlab (the wooden planks can cover the bath over when its not in use so that would be ALWAYS for me!)

From bolligdrom


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