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Viva La Espana!

11 Jul

I promised a little while ago that every now and then I would look to the international interior design stage for inspiration. On my last trip to Dublin, a nosey around some Irish design shops and websites showed me how much I was missing only focusing on UK sites/shops for inspiration. With a trip to Spain not too far away (oh yes the Dame is going to Spain!) and the promise of some sunshine (diy tools crossed!) I thought it might be timely to have a look and see what sort of design statements our Spanish cousins are making these days.

 Source – batamhousing

Source – interiorarcade

Source – coolhomedesign

Source – interiordesignityourself

Source – omahkunet

Source – houseinteriordesign


The upshot of all of this is that I think I might move to Spain. Seriously I LOVE that the Spanish seem to be all about autumn colours (maybe an antidote to their climate?!) and natural wood and textures. Although I’m not sure where I stand on the whole open landing/balcony above the living room idea. I don’t think I’d trust my boys not to hide out up there and lob things down on me while I sit relaxing in the living room. Also, surely privacy is an issue?! On the plus side though, I bet having an open landing gives a feeling of space and creates connection between the upstairs and downstairs of a house, which I know in this country people tend to think of as very separate areas with very distinctive functions.  Anyway before I loose myself in fantasies of ripping out half our upstairs walls and replacing them with wrought iron balustrades (an idea I am 100% sure IB would not support!), I’m off to find my passport and lock away the carbs as I’m not quite feeling ‘bikini ready’ as they say!