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Is that an aerial growing out of your head or are you just pleased to see me?

15 Jul

One of the things I’ve learned over the last few months since we moved into our ‘its- got-the- potential- to–be-something -special’ house is that sometimes you have to put as much effort into what’s happening behind the scenes as you do into the ‘front of house’ stuff.  With that in mind, over the last two weekends IB and DIY Dad have been hard at work clearing a ton of moss off the roof.



Large, greeny brown tufts of moss have embedded themselves between the tiles which will cause them to lift and crack if left untreated for much longer.  The problem is though that we’ve only been able to dislodge the larger lumps of moss and there are still lots of bits left between the tiles which according to the ‘moss on the roof’ website (I kid you not!) we may need to get a professional in to dislodge it with a ‘small hard bristle brush’. Thereafter we can treat the tiles with herbicide once a year or use the much more environmentally friendly and intriguingly simple ‘copper ridge’.


According to ‘moss on the roof’ this is a ‘proven scientific solution to prevent moss recurrence’ and it really does work. It involves fitting a copper ridge or wire along the highest part of the roof. When exposed to the sun it will oxidise and small amounts of copper sulphate (a natural moss killer) will be deposited. Every time it rains this will be washed down over the tiles and voilà, no more moss!! Who knew!

Meanwhile in the boys room, it’s all about insulation, insulation, insulation. The wall under the dormer windows in their room backs on to the old roof (visible just below IB’s legs in the top picture) and it lets in a mean draught. This we discovered, is because the ‘wall’ around the windows is not brick based but rather oddly is made from MDF. DIY dad and IB spent Friday and Saturday crawling in and out of the roof space behind the ‘wall’ hammering sheets of wood onto it to make it more substantial and draught proof.  That plus the extra insulation they’ve put in there should make things a little bit cosier in the boys room come winter time!





Didn’t realise they were in there shearing sheep!